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What do I need to wear?

Each pupil should wear comfortable clothing that you can easily move around in (no jeans) that is

appropriate for the weather and suitable footwear pumps / trainers / dance shoes .  No jewellery due to​ our health and safety practise.



What do I need to bring?


Please bring a snack and drink. Please note we are a nut free school due to severe allergies. 


Can I just turn up and attend?

​We ask people to book in advance so we can ensure we have the correct ratio of staff to pupils. As artists we also prepare our workshops in advance, dependant on the amount of pupils attending. However, we would welcome pupils where possible.


What if my child has a medical condition?

​All pupils fill out a medical form which we will have to hand at all times but if your child has a condition that requires medication or further assistance please advise member of staff when you drop your child off on the first day.



What if I'm late to collect my child?

We ask all parents to be as prompt as possible but if you are delayed unexpectedly please call us to let us know. If we are unaware of any lateness we will try contacting you if there is no contact after one hour social services will be contacted as a last resort inline with child protection policy.


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